• Alberta Journal of Educational Research

    The Alberta Journal of Educational Research (AJER) is a scholarly quarterly journal, published in Canada, that is devoted to the dissemination, interpretation, critique, and support of all forms of scholarly inquiry into education, broadly construed, and the fields associated with education both locally and globally.

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  • ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature

    ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature is a quarterly journal founded at the University of Calgary in 1970 and published by Johns Hopkins University Press. With readers and subscribers in more than fifty countries, ARIEL focuses on the critical and scholarly study of literatures in English around the world. The journal publishes original articles in postcolonial studies exploring colonial power and resistance as well as innovative scholarship on globalization, new forms and sites of exploitation, colonization, and decolonization in an age of transnational capitalism, displacement and diaspora studies, global ecocriticism, cultural and cross-cultural translation, and related areas. The journal especially encourages articles that do not just offer a close reading of a text or set of texts but that use that close reading to intervene in an existing scholarly conversation.


    Arctic is North America's premier journal of northern research! Now in its seventh decade of continuous publishing, Arctic contains contributions from any area of scholarship dealing with the polar and subpolar regions of the world. Articles in Arctic present original research and have withstood intensive peer review. Arctic also publishes reviews of new books on the North, profiles of significant people, places and northern events, and topical commentaries.

  • Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/ Revue canadienne des jeunes chercheures et chercheurs en éducation

    The Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/ Revue canadienne des jeunes chercheures et chercheurs en éducation (CJNSE/RCJCÉ) is an open access, non-masked, peer-reviewed journal published by graduate students for the dissemination of works by graduate students at Canadian universities. We are bilingual in keeping with Canada’s two official languages, and we honour multiple cultures. We believe in providing a space for students’ voices through scholarly writing and networking.

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    ISSN 1916-9221

  • Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

    The Canadian Journal for Educational Administration and Policy (CJEAP) was founded in 1995 at the University of Manitoba and merged with the Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations in 2016. The Canadian Journal for Educational Administration and Policy (CJEAP) is devoted to scholarly and critical works in the field of educational administration. The journal is currently hosted in the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Saskatchewan. It is the official journal of the Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA).

    CJEAP does not charge article processing fees for publication, and authors should only submit through this site. CJEAP does not use third party intermediaries to solicit submissions or to communicate with authors. 

  • Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy

    The Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy (CJCP) is the official journal of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Articles are published that are of interest to counsellor educators as well as to practitioners working in schools, community agencies, university and college counselling centres, and other institutions in which psychological counselling is practiced. We welcome articles addressing: research reports of studies which have relevance to counselling practitioners; descriptions of new techniques or innovative programs and practices; discussions of current scientific issues; commentaries on current professional issues and on the role of CCPA in our society; critical summaries of published research and/or current issues of practice; and studies that increase our understanding of individuals, groups, and Canadian society to help illuminate their counselling needs.

  • The Canadian Journal of Environmental Philosophy

    The Canadian Journal for Environmental Philosophy (CJEP) aims to publish new research into issues arising from the natural world in all its philosophical dimensions. This includes (but is not limited to) aesthetic, ethical, metaphysical, ontological, phenomenological, social and political, scientific, and spiritual aspects of nature and humanity’s relationship with it. Papers will be published in English, French or an imdigenous language accompanied by French or English translation. The journal will publish using the open access online model to provide authors with wide reach and readers with access unconstrained by cost.

  • Canadian Journal of Transportation

    The Canadian Journal of Transportation is a web-based journal devoted to a Canadian perspective on the broad field of transportation. As an interdisciplinary field, the interests of the journal include research in economics, engineering, planning and logistics.

  • Canadian Medical Education Journal

    Welcome to the Canadian Medical Education Journal (CMEJ) that publishes scientific and scholarly work in medical education.

  • Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity

    A journal focused on academic integrity issues in the Canadian context.

  • Contributions to Discrete Mathematics

    Contributions to Discrete Mathematics (ISSN 1715-0868) is a refereed e-journal dedicated to publishing significant results in a number of areas of pure and applied mathematics. Based at the University of Calgary, Canada, CDM is free for both readers and authors, edited and published online and will be mirrored at the European Mathematical Information Service and the National Library of Canada.

  • Education Matters: The Journal of Teaching and Learning

    Education Matters: The Journal of Teaching and Learning is an open-access peer-reviewed publication forum for research in education for and by scholars throughout the world including new scholars from the University of Saskatchewan. As such, its primary objective is to foster connections among researchers to build a coherent knowledge base in education across geographic and intellectual borders while at the same time conveying a sense of local place related to the Canadian and Saskatchewan context. Contributions from graduate students are particularly encouraged.

  • Emerging Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Graduate Research in Education and Psychology

    Emerging Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Graduate Research in Education and Psychology, is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing graduate research that brings together the fields of educational research and psychology. 

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  • Functional Diversity

    Functional Diversity is a forum for the publication of research in functional biodiversity, sparking awareness of the "economics of biology" in the face of diminishing biodiversity resources. Manuscripts relating to the biodiversity of all taxa, in any biome and geographic area will be considered. The journal publishes papers that contribute to new developments in how biodiversity relates to ecosystem function and ecosystem services in terms of food security, human health, and ecosystem stability. Manuscripts are welcome from the fields of environmental economics and biodiversity science.


    Functional Diversity strives to communicate science to the public. If you want the distilled version of our articles, please visit our blog at  The Distillery

  • History of Intellectual Culture

    History of Intellectual Culture is an international peer-reviewed open-access academic electronic journal that provides a forum for publication and discussion of original research on the socio-historical contexts of ideas and ideologies and their relationships to community and state formation, physical environments, human and institutional agency, personal and collective identity, and lived experience. The journal highlights the viability and vibrancy of intellectual history as a scholarly field, presents new perspectives for research and analysis, and promotes critical discussion among researchers, scholars, and students in history and across disciplines.

  • International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship

    The International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship (IJNSS) was created to afford an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate nursing students to publish their scholarly papers that have been done as course assignments. In addition, a few submissions will be accepted from students in related health disciplines. In this way, it expected that the students will become more familiar with ways of articulating key concepts pertaining to a particular theoretical/philosophical approach and/or to various types of research approaches. This aim is expected to facilitate interdisciplinary /collaborative learning, foster an interest in research and its dissemination, and promote innovations in various nursing fields. As an international journal, IJNSS invites scholarly papers on multinational, transcultural, and global aspects of nursing care in health and illness contexts.

    NOTE: PREVIOUS VOLUMES are in the ARCHIVES section (see above)

  • Journal of Critical Public Health

    The Journal of Critical Public Health (JCPH) is a fully peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes empirical research and debate. We consider submissions from any discipline or perspective, so long as authors engage critically with the theory, practice or implications of public health.  We recognise that both 'public health' and 'critical scholarship' are contested  concepts.  We are particularly interested in submissions which: take power seriously; provide innovative perspectives; have implications for policy and practice; and/or question taken-for-granted concepts.   

    The journal is published by the international Critical Public Health Network in Edinburgh, UK (, ISSN 3033-3997. 

    VACATION ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that Journal of Critical Public Health is on vacation until the week of August 12, 2024. The journal's contact email address will be monitored on an occasional basis but please expect a delayed response during this period. Authors may still submit their manuscripts but they will not be processed until the week of August 12.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we take a much needed break after a successful first year of our new community, non-profit journal. 

  • Journal of Applied Hermeneutics

    Hermeneutics is not really concerned with hermeneutics...but with how we might make sense of our lives in such a way that life can go on...

    David Geoffrey Smith, 1999

    The journal features the work of hermeneutics in its application to topics that inhabit our lives and professions. It is when hermeneutics is put to work through the act of interpreting living features of the world that its strengths and character appear. Articles in this journal make the subtle interpretability of the world visible and available.


  • Journal of Indigenous Social Development

    The Journal of Indigenous Social Development (JISD) is committed to advancing education, practice, research and policymaking relevant to indigenous peoples’ social and economic wellbeing. JISD is a peer-reviewed journal published exclusively in open-access electronic form. The Journal provides a forum for scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines to expand knowledge and develop dialogue relevant to indigenous communities globally. Intended to reflect diverse communities and perspectives, the editorial board, special issues editors, and reviewers include: Elders and leaders of indigenous communities, community-based practitioners, policymakers, university educators and researchers.

  • Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

    Scope and focus

    The Journal of Military and Strategic Studies is an open access and double-blind peer-reviewed publication that aims to disseminate original scholarship in strategic and military studies to an academic audience, and also a public one, both nationally and internationally, and to provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to Canadian security, broadly defined. It approaches these topics from an academic position, open to all sectors of opinion, rather than one of advocacy. It includes editorials, independent and critical, on matters of current affairs, but its editorial stance is distinct from its academic one.

    Open Access is the condition where the copyright holder of a scholarly work grants usage rights to others using an open license (Creative Commons or equivalent) allowing for immediate free access to the work and permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose.


    The Journal of Military and Strategic Studies does not charge to publish any manuscript.


  • The Journal of Mind-Body Regulation

    The Journal of Mind-Body Regulation (MBR) publishes interdisciplinary scientific articles spanning psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, behavioral biology, cognitive science, therapeutics, and philosophy. We rigorously referee each submission and, if accepted, may disseminate it to a number of potential commentators. Depending on the topic, we may then co-publish these peer commentaries alongside the target article with or without the author's rebuttal. Peer commentaries include analyses, elaborations, complementary and supplementary data and theory, criticisms, and cross-specialty syntheses.
  • Journal of the History of Sexuality

    Established in 1990, the Journal of the History of Sexuality illuminates the history of sexuality in all its expressions, recognizing various differences of class, culture, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Spanning geographic and temporal boundaries, JHS provides a much-needed forum for historical, critical, and theoretical research in this field. Its cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary character brings together original articles and critical reviews from historians, social scientists, and humanities scholars worldwide.
  • The Motley Undergraduate Journal

    The Motley Undergraduate Journal operates out of The University of Calgary and aims to feature student work that displays excellence in research, analysis or creative production concerning the topic of Communication, Media or Film Studies from any post secondary institution in Canada. We welcome work from other departments as long as it maintains a communication, media, and film studies focus. The Motley Undergraduate Journal is devoted to reflecting the diversity of communication and multimedia studies and will represent a breadth of student work on various topics. We are looking for clarity, effective writing, strong theoretical foundations, original research, and insightful analysis. The Motley Undergraduate Journal is produced in partnership between undergraduate students and the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. 

  • Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching

    Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (PPLT) is a peer-reviewed and open access publication, which publishes articles developed from presentations at the annual University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching. All articles are subject to a double-anonymized peer-review process.

    For more information about our conference, please visit the conference website

  • Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

    Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance is a peer-reviewed, on-line journal/text series published by Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, specializing in short texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We seek single-witness editions of a broad range of pre-modern texts including but not limited to literary and philosophical works, letters, charters, court documents, and notebooks.

    The goal of the journal is to establish open access to a substantial body of small but complete texts in scholarly editions to researchers and educators.

  • The School of Public Policy Publications

    The School of Public Policy Publications is aimed at providing a peer-reviewed publication outlet to stimulate timely research and discussion of public policy issues in Canada.  SPP publications are intended to improve our understanding and increase our interest in public policy issues. With these publications, SPP aims to stimulate dialogue between academic researchers and policy practitioners and to provide a forum where academic and business communities and the public service can exchange ideas. One objective of these publications is to reduce the apprehension and misunderstanding between these groups. The papers we publish should have practical relevance of clear social value for an audience broader than disciplinary academic peers.


    SPP publications should be of a high intellectual standard but not typically technical in nature or laden in disciplinary jargon.  At SPP we interpret high intellectual standard to mean that the content of a paper is drawn from the author’s thorough understanding of a policy issue.  For academic authors this may be a paper based on original evidence from quantitative data or it may be based on her/his “reading of the literature” relevant to the policy issue.  For authors from the private sector or public service, papers may be more based on their “distilled experience” and position of authority on the subject of the paper.


    We prefer that, where appropriate, our papers take a clear policy position.  SPP papers must be evidence-based and factually accurate. That said, it is both necessary and desirable that papers will sometimes contain political views and value judgements, because policy choices invariably demand trade-offs that bring benefits to some and costs to others. Given this, we do not publish content which is political propaganda or polemic or potentially libelous.  In cases where political views or value judgements are important and justifiable features of the paper it is important that authors disclose any biases they may have with respect to the issue, or interest in the argument or position being put forward in the paper.

  • Teaching and Learning Inquiry

    Teaching & Learning Inquiry is the open access journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL). TLI publishes peer-reviewed scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research in higher education across disciplinary, institutional, and geographical contexts.

  • Transformative Social Work

    Transformative Social Work is a scholarly refereed open access journal designed to exchange knowledge and promote transformation in the field of social work. The journal aims to advance theoretical understanding, share policy, and inform practice, and welcomes submissions from all areas of social work. Collaborations with other disciplines on social work-related issues are welcome. 

    The journal reports on transformative research, discussing practice, and examining principles and theories, and will be read by social work educators, researchers, practitioners, and students who wish to keep informed with innovations and developments in the field. Published twice per year, the journal can be accessed online for free. 

  • 49th Parallel Ejournal

    The 49th Parallel Ejournal is published annually by the 49th Parallel Schools of Architecture Consortium, on the subjects of architectural education, design, theory, and practice.